What is a Transformational Speaker?

According to, to transform means to change in form, appearance, nature, or character. To motivate means having a strong reason to act or accomplish something. I help audiences do both to create lasting change. 

As a Transformational Speaker, I motivate audience members to push through the fears associated with current limiting beliefs and transform thoughts, feelings, and actions in order to acheive desired changes.  The outcome is scaring yourself enough to fulfill your greatness.  How can I motivate your audience to achieve their goals?

Please email me ( if you are interested in booking me for college and high school graduation ceremonies, business retreats, team and morale building, community groups, keynote speaker, etc.


  • First generation entrepreneur
  • Psychoeducational background
  • 10+ years corporate experience
  • Relatable, personable, & energetic speaker
  • Recognizes strengths in others